MultiMan v02.08.00 | Backup PS3

Descrição: MultiMan v02.08.00 O desenvolvedor Dean acaba de lançar a versão 2.08.00 de um dos melhores gerenciadores de backup para PS3, o MultiMan. Agora você poderá rodar jogos de PS1 em disco (somente para CFW 3.55), inclui ainda 3.044 capas (algumas corrigidas).

* Added: “Create ISO” option in SIDE menu when BD/DVD is selected in VIDEO column or PLAYSTATION/PLAYSTATION2 is selected in Game column
* Added: “Create ISO” option in File Manager’s context menu when /dev_bdvd is selected
* Added: Creating ISO files bigger than 4GB to USB HDD will result in splitting in segments .iso.0, .iso.1 … .iso.31
* Added: Advanced option in XMMB Settings: “Expand Contents of XMMB media columns”
* Added: SD/SDHC, CF and MS/MSPRO devices to Photo/Music/Video columns
* Added: Standalone Web-Browser application with FTP (BROWSER.SELF) to avoid all memory issues
* Added: Support for launching PSX games from CD-R discs (XMMB Game Column and other display modes)
* Added: Launching directly ps1_emu.self or ps1_netemu.self from file manager will make multiMAN assign your Memory Cards properly, too
* Added: Options to set preferred Video Mode for PAL and NTSC PSX titles (default/480/576/720/1080)
* Added: peeklv1 and pokelv1 commands to control console
* Added: String printout for peekl and peeklv1 control console commands
* Added: Prompt to dump Hypervisor/LV1 after creating GameOS/LV1 memory dump
* Changed: Improved the looks of the old debug font, used in some dialogs and file manager
* Changed: multiMAN starts faster now
* Fixed: Unnecessary auto-refresh/scan for content on each startup
* Fixed: Browsing for ROMS in ZIP format

All features related to PSX discs require firmware 3.55 (kmeaw/rebug).

MultiMAN v2.08.00 (BASE)
MultiMAN v2.08.00 (FULL)

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